On the big spying

Posted in Commentary on January 6th, 2020 by juan

As happens a lot in my household, the Mrs. and I were watching a cooking show last night. We are currently subscribed to YouTube TV. This particular show was about sous vide cooking. It wasn’t particularly good except for the portion on the poached eggs. We are definitely going to do that, and I’ll post about our experience here. However, we hadn’t talked about sous vide in forever. I haven’t looked up any recipes in forever. We don’t cook sous vide very often so there’s very little chance that we are going to be looking at web sites. But, after this show, we did get excited about those eggs. We also discussed which one of the machines the show was going to pick as the winner.

Then, this morning, I go to check on an Amazon order. And guess what is under my "suggestions"? Yup sous vide machines. The order of those suggestions? THE SAME ORDER WE GUESSED. Not the order the show talked about. The VERY SAME ORDER we guessed.

Screw you Amazon and your f’ing Alexa.

I’m going to find a way to get the things we use Alexa for without the spying.

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