boo got shot

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Neal Boortz ( is a nationally syndicated radio show host based out of Atlanta. Amongst many other things, he is the author and main proponent of the fair tax law movement. Those of you not familiar with this, I strongly encourage you to read through this. Well, Neal is also a funny man. A few years ago he and his crew took an interview of a local crime witness and “translated” it for the rest of us. Well, I just found this animated version of it. Enjoy:

Boo Got Shot – AnimationThe most amazing videos are a click away

and the question to the answer is

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in this I pose the right answer. The question is, why not run Windows all of the time?

here’s a hint

very cool test

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Try taking this test. This is one of those cool things that make you wonder how we can even manage to walk in the first place.

Oh… and I got a 10/20.

funny thing happened on the way to the elliptical

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One of the “fun” things of my job is that I get to go around the country and experience many things. One of them is the nature of gyms. Well, this week, I’m in Sunnyvale, CA. I bought a day pass at the local 24hr gym. Things were going good until it was my time to go do some cardio. On the way to the elliptical machine, I ran into this:

02-27-06 1736

The picture is fuzzy, but check out the first …. ahem…. man on the stair master. Yes, that’s correct, a leotard with black spandex see-through hose.