This is the weblog of tachijuan (aka Juan Orlandini). It’s a place for my thoughts, ruminations, general comments on life, and anything else that seems interesting to me. A little background on me: I’ve been around computer since it was considered cool to upgrade from 4K to 16K of RAM. Over that time, my interests have ranged from BASIC, to O/S Design (wrote one), compiler/assembler design (wrote one of each), to being a sysadmin (for many years inluding a VAX 11/780 running BSD 4.2), to an architect of storage solutions (for close to 20 years), to a general bastard. I’ve taught everything from AI classes to advanced storage solutions. I’ve even been published here and there in trade rags and other sundry little places. Some googling will find me out there.

Personally, I have a lovely wife, two great daughters, a sweet dog, and a cat. I live in Roswell, GA, a suburb of Atlanta.

You can reach me as tachijuan A T gmail D O T com.

ps If you want to find out what Amuyu means, again google is the key. Kudos if you get it. Also, the tachi part, it’s a reference to my greek (as in drunken college) background.