Rotisserie chicken on the egg

Ok. This is another simple one, but always tasty. I use a Joe Tisserie with my Big Green Egg. It is a bit of heresy, but I had no option. The BGE folks don’t have one and the Joe works fine with it. Go figure. Anyways, for the chicken, make sure to get smaller chickens. I’ve found that 4-5 lbs chickens do better than bigger ones. I prep them by trimming off all the hanging fat bits. They usually are part of the neck (or what’s left) and then the usual flaps of skin by the bottom of the rib cage. It’s not our favorite so I normally also trim off the chicken tail. Then put a generous amount of your favorite rub. Tonight I tried two of them (one per chicken!): Dizzy Pig Peruvianish and Dizzy Pigg Pineapplehead. Once they are nicely seasoned, truss them up. There’s a variety of techniques for this so find one that you like. The goal is to keep the legs and wings from flapping around as the rotisserie spins.

Get the green egg up to about 325-350 and prep the fire by spreading it to the sides of the egg – not directly under the chicken. I’ve tried it with directly under, and it was too easy to scorch that way. Place the chickens in the rotisserie and turn it on. Cook until you get 165 reading in the breast. I use an instant read thermometer. It takes somewhere from 45minutes to an hour. It’s taken a bit more before so plan on an hour with some wiggle room. It’s also common for the chickens to cook at different rates so make sure that you check both if you are cooking more than one.

Once they are done, let rest covered for about 15 minutes. Carve and serve.

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