Jobs on NeXT 3.0 (OSX beta 1)

This is an amazing video of Jobs demoing NeXT3.0 in the early nineties.

The apps and many of the features are cool even today. It’s truly amazing how far ahead they were.

I want to know who’s doing this kind of crap now. The crap that we are going to look back on 10 years from now and say “It’s truly amazing how far ahead they were.” Any ideas?

One Response to “Jobs on NeXT 3.0 (OSX beta 1)”

  1. rshangle says:

    how truly far ahead google currently is may not be fully apparent until goes online / rampant.

    let’s hope apple can continue to burn a trail in the post-avie era. i certainly expect it to take ten years for Spotlight to offer full promise, so I have to include them.


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