update on the DCF upgrade

Got the C6100 on Friday (8/5). The system is as described by the seller on eBay, but … FFS … it only included one power supply! Tried getting the thing going and ran into immediate snags. First, each node only has two USB ports. My intent is to boot this guy off of USB, but I need a keyboard, and a USB key to do the install and a USB drive to use for boot. One too many. So I tried using a hub to attach the key and the keyboard. Couldn’t get it to boot. Moved the key to a dedicated port and had the USB “drive” on the hub with the intent to move the “drive” to a dedicated port once the install was complete.

No Go.

So, next step was to try to use the remote management to mount a virtual CD. I tried connecting with a current release of Chrome from my production iMac. Well, wouldn’t you know it – you need Java to do that. Don’t want to install that on my main iMac, but I was going to do that for the sake of the project. But before I did that, I wanted to see if Firefox would run it better. Firefox won’t connect to the port because of a security warning on the old HTTPS certs on the box. Same thing with Safari. That made me fire up a Windows 8.1 VM. Same issues. And, oh, during all of that my internet connection goes out … for 3 hours. AHHHH. Well undeterred, I find an old XP VM. That too didn’t have Java loaded.

End of Line.

Back to the project now (Sunday 8/7/16).

First thing first, though, I have to finish the PFsense build and roll out. Cross your fingers. Lots of work.

Sophia! Please give me 100 licenses for internal use. I promise it’s not commercial work! Also note that I’ve single handedly driven multiple deals for you because I brag about your stuff to just about all the customers I visit. And I visit lots of customers. Lots and lots.

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