Vista is OSX?

Extremetech just published this article on why Vista won’t suck. It’s a good read because:

  1. It looks like it might actually be kinda cool.
  2. It’s cool to see the Redmond marketing machine giving technology sites data to include in their “unbiased” reviews (Read all of the Why’s It’s Important entries – only the best marketing could have written that).
  3. The new software features are basically a description of iLife + Aqua in almost a feature for feature basis

And, not to mention that all of these cool things won’t be available for all of the Vista users. There’s going to be SIX different flavors: extreme rookie, rookie, usable, cool, over priced, and why-not-just-this-version-at-a-reasonable-price. All of these features make this article all the more relevant. Why would Apple drop an ahead-of-the-curve OS for something that is very obviously playing catch up? Call me a fanboy, but I’m in for OSX for a while to come.

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